Happy Summer WMP Families!!

Another year draws to an end, and as always it feels bittersweet. We are so proud of all our students moving on to bigger things, and so happy to be seeing our returning students in the fall, but it is always sad to say goodbye, no matter how happy it is. Remember your teachers love you, and we are so very proud of you.

We wanted to extend our gratitude to all our families for a wonderful year. All your gifts are so appreciated and lovely… THANK YOU!

Congratulations to all of you who have moved on:

­Beckett R.

WMP will miss you!

Our Spring Fling was so much fun, especially the BUBBLE PARTY!! What a fun, silly way to end the year with all of our families. Thank you to everyone who added to the materials to make it even more of an success!

We had a wonderful last Audubon day, catching (and releasing) frogs and eels and fiddler crabs and having a snack on a wonderful beach.

We’ve been spending every moment possible outside, often making new (messy) work with shaving cream or “oobleck”, reading silly books and taking advantage of our last days together.

Jim the “crab man” (Leah’s dad) came in and brought us a female and male horseshoe crab to observe as well as molts to take home.  Thanks Jim!!