What a wonderful start to a new year! Your children are busy exploring the Montessori materials appearing on the shelves, and are adjusting beautifully to their new routine. We are learning our ground rules and taking such good care of our classroom and our materials.

Important Dates:

9/27 – Wellfleet Farmers Market Field trip

10/10 – Firefighter Joe visits

10/25 – Denya (and her fiddles!) first visit

10/26 – Audubon field trip, please dress for the weather!!

Classroom Updates

Please make sure that home toys are left at home.  We ask that the children bring ONE soft friend for rest, but the toys from home are creating worry and competition.

Thank You!

Thank You:   To all the families that took the time for our Orientation on 9/13. It was so special to share why our school is so unique, and why we love the Montessori philosophy.  Here are links to the videos we shared if you like to see them: https://vimeo.com/78692604 https://youtu.be/a1Ko7EidGG0 Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a board member.


Thank you to Harper, Coral, Beckett and Cove for bringing in healthy fruit and vegetables! Next up:

10/2 Lucas B.
10/9 Isak
10/16 Clara

Please bring in snack for the week, if your child attends on Monday and it’s your snack week please pack snack for 10 children, Tues.-Thurs. please pack snack for 18 children.

Current Fundraisers

-WMP is now a part of Smile Amazon, if you or your friends shop on Amazon please donate to WMP using the link below.  Your unique charity link:

-Shutterfly, this is a very easy way to earn $ for our school, order your holiday cards at   this link and please spread the word to friends and family!!!