Happy holiday season, WMP families!

Your children are very busy this time of year. You may have noticed our Geography/Cultural shelf filled with Native American (primarily Wampanoag) artifacts, art and books. Our artist study shelf is filled with art that was unfortunately made before recorded time that we now understand as First Nation artwork, and all the styles of the many tribes that make up North America. Are you reading this? Please shout out if yes! The books lining the shelves are primarily authored by First Nation people. The children have truly enjoyed getting to know the artists we’ve been studying and contemplating their work: Vincent Van Gough in September, and Frida Kahlo in October.

The science shelf is also filled with beautiful work, and our own Jackie O’Hara can tell you about it:

In Science Circle on Thursdays we have been learning about all the groups within the Animal Kingdom. We began the year thinking about the differences between things Living/Non-Living; then breaking down Living into Plant/Animal and now exploring the similarities and differences between Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish. (We will do Insects in the Spring). Every week we use the Science Mystery Box to discover with clues what’s hidden inside! Your children are curious and inquisitive young scientists eager to hypothesize. -Jackie

Important Dates:
12/4 ~ 12/14: Parent/Teacher conferences (Childcare will be made available for students of WMP only. Please make alternate plans for siblings)
12/5: Crafts with Maggie
12/13: Board Meeting
12/14: Crafts with Tia
12/20: Crafts with Karla
12/21: Peace Celebration!!
12/22 ~ 1/2: No school Holiday Vacation


Thank you to Owen, Bea, Trent, Sofi, and Willow for bringing in healthy fruit and vegetables!

Next up:
12/4 Nora
12/11 Leif
12/18 Gus
1/3 Forest

Please bring in snack for the week, if your child attends on Monday and it’s your snack week please pack snack for 10 children, Tues.-Thurs. please pack snack for 18 children.

Holiday Season!

As the busiest holiday month approaches we will celebrate in true Montessori fashion. We will focus on the Peace of the season, studying all the December holidays. We will decorate a peace tree, and display a menorah as well as a kinara. We look forward to our Peace celebration and we invite you to join us in an afternoon of song and poetry.