Important Dates:

­5/1­ to 5/15 – WMP Registration is open for School Year 2017­-2018

­5/15 to 5/18 – Spring Parent Conferences

­5/18 – Denya visits

­5/23 – Costa Rica Drawing at WMP at 1:30pm

­5/29No School: Memorial Day

­5/31 – Parent Meeting 2-­3pm

­6/15 – Spring Fling

Parent Meetings

Leah and I will be hosting a parent meeting once a month from 2­3pm. The meeting will be an open discussion on topics that parents bring to the table, each parent will have the opportunity to write down a topic that they would like to be discussed, and that topic will be discussed for an appropriate length of time.  May 31st is our next meeting.

Wish List

We wish we may, we wish we might,
Have this wish we wish tonight!

­Lysol Wipes | ­Coffee Tins (for drums!)
­iPad, for teacher documentation | Silverware (ours keep going home in lunch boxes)


Thank you to Evie, Lucas, Perun, Spencer and Beckett R. for bringing in healthy fruit and vegetables for snack!  Delicious!

Upcoming Snack Schedule:
May 22: Forest
May 29: Evelyn
June 5: Beckett B.

Please bring in snack for the week, if your child attends on Monday & it’s your snack week please pack snack for 10 children, Tues.­Thurs. please pack snack for 18 children.

Thank You!

Spring is here!

Cove bought purple cabbage seedlings for our garden!!

Thank You!!!

Apologies for the lack of pictures ­ our school camera has been working inconsistently at best, but the teachers took some beautiful shots of our most recent Audubon adventure! We took the longest hike yet with our guide, Heidi, who taught us all about fiddler crabs and their habitat. We found many and watched them scurry home in the sand as the tide rolled in!