Important Dates:

4/10 – Board Meeting Monday
4/17 to 4/20 – April Vacation: No school
4/13 – Denya Music
4/22 – Preservation Hall Non-profit fundraiser 11-4pm, a great opportunity to get your co-op hours completed, please contact Anya Messina.
4/26 – Parent Meeting open discussion from 2-3pm
4/27 – Audubon Spring Field Trip
4/28 – WMP Community Outing to Eastham National Seashore (Evite out soon)
5/1 to 5/15 – WMP Registration is open for School Year 2017-2018
5/15 to 5/18 – Spring Parent Conferences
5/23 – Costa Rica Drawing at WMP at 1:30pm

Parent Meetings

Leah and I will be hosting a parent meeting once a month from 2-3pm. The meeting will be an open discussion on topics that parents bring to the table, each parent will have the opportunity to write down a topic that they would like to be discussed, and that topic will be discussed for an appropriate length of time. April 26th and May 31st will be the 1st two meetings.

Wish List

We wish we may, we wish we might,
Have this wish we wish tonight!

Lysol wipes | Coffee tins (for drums!)
iPad, for teacher documentation


Thank you to Sally, Abigail, Henry, and Harper for bringing in healthy fruit and vegetables for snack!  Delicious!

Upcoming Snack Schedule:
April 10: Evie
April 24: Lucas
May 1: Perun

Please bring in snack for the week, if your child attends on Monday and it’s your snack week please pack snack for 10 children, Tues.-Thurs. please pack snack for 18 children.

Thank You!

Thank you Meads, Messina and Hay families for replenishing our Lysol wipes supply.

Spring is here and Clara and Evelyn have brought some seeds to start planting for our garden, Thank You!!!

Community Readers came into WMP to read to the class some of their favorite books, a big thank you to Hillary Greenberg-Lemos our Wellfleet Health Agent, and Eileen McCarthy our Wellfleet Police Dept. dispatcher for coming in to read to all of us!!!

Abigail (and Mom Sue) shared her Irish step dancing for Saint Patrick’s Day with her classmates this month. She has been practicing so much and taught her friends and teachers some steps.  Thank you Abby!!

The children made “green smoothies” on St. Patrick’s Day, peeling, cutting, mixing all the fruit and vegetables. Some of the ingredients were spinach, kiwi, green apples, green grapes, and celery. Mmmmm the children loved them!!!

Denya came to visit with her fiddle and ukulele, and we sang and danced some new songs.

 Thank you Denya!!!

We celebrated Stella and Coral’s birthdays this Month.

There has been so much hard work happening in school!

The children were invited to the Washington Mall displayed by the WES students in the cafeteria and got to walk around and learn about all the Washington Monuments.

We got to observe our friend Mike remove the old radio tower from the police station with his enormous crane! It was very exciting and the children had many questions that Mike was happy to answer.

The children have been taking excellent care of Thumper the Lop Ear, we often bring him to join us on the playground.  The children love to watch him hop about and burrow, and sometimes we can entice him to a game of tag! He’s fast!!

Happy Spring!!