Our Story

In 1976, an assembly of Wellfleet parents founded a playgroup that grew into the Wellfleet Preschool Playgroup. The school lasted until 2008, when state cutbacks closed its doors.

A year later, a group of local mothers filled the much-needed gap for quality preschool education in the area and founded the Wellfleet Montessori Preschool to provide an alternative learning environment for preschool children on the Lower Cape.

The school’s mission focuses on celebrating and fostering the natural curiosity and potential of each child within a learning environment where many children of diverse ages can discover and recognize the unique gifts and interests of themselves and others.

Through deliberate modeling of respect, kindness, and responsibility, the Montessori-trained teachers guide children at their own pace to become confident members of their local and global communities.



To remain effective, we continuously evaluate and improve the tools and experiences we use to guide children along their own path to exploring the world and forging a personal relationship with learning. Drop us a line—we love to talk about what we’re doing.